The Death of Language

My son: Where r u

Me: I am home. What do you need? (OK, I struggled a little bit when typing the question mark:-))

My son: I m hot can you pick me up

Me: Don’t you want to go to the nurse first?

My son: k will do

This is a typical exchange that is happening more and more often with my kids. I am somewhat appalled and offended by these exchanges. Wasn’t language the linchpin of our development as civilized human beings? Wasn’t language supposed to express our education and refinement? And weren’t we getting judged based on how well spoken we were.

Language was supposed to be the “Original App” that we played with for thousands of years. Think about the body of work over last thousands of years. Each society has its verbal and written traditions and this is what each generation falls back on to relive and rekindle their society’s greatness and culture. Languages and its complexity defined civilizations and their progress. It allowed societies to leave a legacy, a written record and made sure that all of us knew the greatness of human mind.

BUT, it has come to this. Words are mangled, Sentences malformed into some distorted guttural primitive dialog, and, basic rules of language violated on a near constant basis. This is regressing back to early stages of language development. Exciting times but hardly reassuring.

As for solutions, I have the faintest idea on how to approach this. Help me formulate a plan to address and decimate this plague that is going to decimate our civilization. Ok, that was a little hyperbole :-) But, yeah, I need help and ideas to fight this scourge. Send me any of your “texting incidents” too, if possible. Maybe we can all share a laugh over it.